Thursday, September 6, 2012

Winning! Another pair of Panel Rib Socks (2012 FO #12)

Hi Blog! It's good to be back!* It's funny - last year I was hardly blogging at all but this year I have started to really look forward to checking in a few times a week and talking about all the things that have piqued my interest. Hopefully, other people find it (just a little bit) interesting too... 

Item No.1 of Interest this week: How does one take decent photos of one's feet?

The answer is not to wave one's iPhone in the air, pressing buttons at random. Trust me.

Last year I shared with you a Boneyard Shawl I made out of Jitterbug in Jay.  It was a really gorgeous shawl and I loved looking at it but, as a piece of clothing, it sucked. I don't know if it was because it was too small or because the Jitterbug was slick and smooshy, but every time I wore it it ended up on the floor. It was the most useless scarf ever. Then, a few months ago  I whipped up a pair of Panel Rib socks for my sister using Jitterbug in Fruit Coulis. I loved her socks, I couldn't wear my scarf...I knew that it was time to make some Panel Rib socks for me.

To avoid the pooling that happened on my sister's socks, I spiralled two alternating balls of this yarn. As you can see in the side-by-side shots, this was somewhat successful. 

The pattern is the same as for my sister's socks, and this time I managed to get some shots that showed the single ribbing 'seam' that runs up the back of the calf. Should I write up the pattern? I can see me making many more of these in the future.

These socks are gorgeous and comfortable and I love them. Plus, I now feel all frugal, thrifty and non-wasteful because I turned an unloved and unused object into a pair of much-loved and soon-to-be-much-worn socks. To quote Charlie Sheen, "Winning!"

* Ran out of Internet again. It is no coincidence that running out of Internet coincides with big deadlines, because apparently for me Big Deadlines = Must Look At Pretty Pictures. I think if blogs had been around when I was doing my undergraduate degree I never would have graduated.


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